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Tachyon Engineering offers a wide range of engineering solutions, with a focus on automotive engineering. From CAD support on-site to fully engineered and validated turn-key solutions.

Tachyon Engineering is founded in 2010 and is a spin-off from Tachyon Motorsport, experienced with small OEM applications and has a lengthy connection with Mitsubishi.

Our organization is IATF 16949:2016 certified and uses advanced quality tools which include APQP, SPC, FMEA and PPAP.

Tachyon Engineering History

Tachyon Turbochargers

Since the first contact between Mitsubishi and Tachyon in 1996, it was only a matter of time that Tachyon Turbochargers would arise.

Tachyon Turbochargers is a product of the Tachyon Group and has spawned out of a competition mindset, engineering excellence and the drive to fulfill our customers dreams.

Since 2011 Tachyon Turbochargers can support a product range from 40 kW up to 10.000 kW, in special one-off applications up to full automotive standard small and medium volume series applications.

With our available product range we are ready to support your future turbocharger desires and turbocharger projects.

Tachyon is the official partner of MHI Turbochargers for competition and performance engine solutions.










Tachyon offers a wide range of engineering solutions, with a focus in automotive engineering. From CAD support in CATIA, UGS or ProE on site to turn-key solutions fully engineered and validated by Tachyon Engineering.

  • Competition engine development
  • Wiring looms and harnesses
  • Vehicle dynamics engineering
  • Vehicle safety systems

Tachyon is the official partner of MHI Turbochargers for competition and performance engine solutions. All Tachyon Turbochargers are based on MHI main components which are generally acknowledged as the benchmark.

  • OEM Hybrid turbochargers
  • Electric Assisted turbochargers
  • Motorsport turbochargers
  • Marine turbochargers
  • Diesel turbochargers
  • Private label performance turbochargers
  • Low volume OEM projects


Tachyon offers consultancy and project management, not only for the automotive industry. We connect to technology driven challenges.

  • Value engineering
  • Energy & Environment
  • Outsourcing
  • Recruitement


For Motorsport and OEM high performance engines, Tachyon designs-, develops- and constructs engines to every customer requirement. Using the latest state of the art techniques, and working together with the international top suppliers in the world.

  • Sportscar and endurance solutions
  • Low volume OEM specials
  • Prototyping
  • One make series solutions
  • On track support


Marine solutions are an integral part of Tachyon Engineering. Not only engine technology is something that we support in the marine industry, from electrical systems to composite structures we can definitely assist in your solution.

  • Engine marinisation
  • Sheated Fuel systems
  • Wiring looms
  • Composite structures
  • Design and development


Tachyon Industries focuses on manufacturing and development from single to small series production. From the very first moment, Tachyon Industries can think along with your product idea, or just at a later stage with the development of tools to support production to increase quality and repeatability. We do this with knowledge and use of quality tools like an FMEA and 8D troubleshooting.
As a machine builder, Tachyon Industries is focused on developing and manufacturing end-user machines to be marketed by various sales partners. In addition, we have developed some production support machines. Both for our own product portfolio and various customers.









Customer satisfaction can be achieved only with excellence, effectiveness and reliability throughout all levels of the organization and in all of its function.

We continuously innovate and develop our services and products to ensure a constant delivery of outstanding quality. To achieve and maintain this goal our whole company is based on a quality management system according IATF 16949:2016 requirements. Tachyon Engineering is IATF 16949 certified since 2012.

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Our commitment to quality, combined with our promise of absolute confidentiality, has ensured that we have a privileged history of delivering satisfaction to our customers.

We are aware that our customer requests are unique, where there is no second try.

IATF 16949









Student opportunities

For everyone who wants to quickly and securely reach his career goal. Tachyon Engineering offers students (both MBO and HBO) the opportunity to gain practical experience. At Tachyon you will be in the middle of the action from the very beginning. Contributing your ideas, helping the team and moving the company forward – this is our motto.

Project Engineer

Project Engineer makes you responsible for the technical development stage of a Turbocharger. You will be responsible from project nomination until finalized design. Part of your responsibilities are the technical specification, design, planning and costs. During this project you will be the link between your project team and the engineering team of the customer.









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